Why trusting a web developer is important

Hello all! Since I started this company a couple of months ago, I was, and still are floored at how many people shell out big bucks for a website and end up getting the rotten end of the stick. I would say that 80% of my clients so far have been ripped off in one manner or another from a web developer. Unfortunately it seems that the web development industry has become somewhat of a wild west where people believe that by installing a wordpress site with a couple of pluggins makes them a web developer. In truth… It does not, in fact, far from it! I read a very good Noir piece (Marketing Noir: Don’t Trust A Web Developer Blindly.) this morning that got me to write about this subject and even if a developer creates the most beautiful site you have ever seen since the creation of the internet, it’s what under the hood that can hurt your business and negate the ‘flashy’ design. As cheesy as I find Noir style writing, it was appropriate for this subject because happens more often then i’d like to see. It not only makes business rough for marketing creatives like mine – but the customer as well. I have found that a healthy part of my business meeting with a prospective client is spent explaining how I can help them NOT get screwed, that their hard earned marketing dollars are in good hands. Read the article, i’m sure most can relate!

Noir piece (Marketing Noir: Don’t Trust A Web Developer Blindly.)

Until next time, keep it real!